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If you are a serious golfer and looking to improve your game it all starts with the butt! The leading cause of low back pain in golfers is weak and inhibited glutes. The first step in correcting this weakness is strengthening the glutes and core with a TPI golf fitness routine. If there is one area that needs to be strong and powerful to play better golf it is the glutes.

Why Are Most Peoples Glutes So Weak?

I have worked with many golfers over my career as a trainer and one thing that I almost always see is weak and inhibited glutes. This is do to the environment that most people find themselves all the time, sitting down! At work we sit, in the car we sit, at home we sit! All this sitting leads to weak glutes, over active hips flexors and tight low back muscles. This is not a good combination if you want to create power in your golf game.

Why Are The Glutes So Important For Golfers And A Important Part Of A TPI Golf Fitness Routine?

Your glutes are extremely important to help stabilize the hip joint, pelvis and low back during the golf swing. They also help us to create rotational power and strength needed to execute a good golf swing. If you are like most people I see and your glutes are weak a few things can happen when golfing. First, it is very likely that you will not be able to load into your trail hip during your backswing which can cause you to stand up and change levels as you take the club back. This will increase the amount you sway off of the ball. Also, lack of glute strength can prevent you from having good energy transfer into your front leg. Which will cause a slide and lack of power when hitting the ball. 

Ball Glute Bridge, a Must in Your TPI Golf Fitness Routine

This is a exercise I love to use with most of my golfers in their golf fitness routine because it not only builds great strength, but also builds a solid stable base. You have to have not only strong glutes to perform the exercise but also great balance. Try this exercise as part of your warm up or even a super set for a more traditional exercise. Do 15-20 reps per leg for 3 sets.

This week we demonstrate the single leg Torso Turn exercise. It is a great golf fitness exercise that will help you increase stability of the lower body and mobility of the upper body. The single leg torso turn exercise will help you develop better balance or proprioception in your golf swing and help you hit the golf ball with more power and accuracy. To perform this exercise stand on one leg and get into your golf posture position. Remember to hinge at your hips and not your back. Your core should be in a neutral position with a flexed stomach. Lift your left leg and extend it slightly behind your body. Then take your arms and cross them over your chest.  Focus on your lower body being stable and not letting your hips and knee move. Also make sure you have a slight bend in the down leg. Start to rotate your trunk into your back swing and repeat for 15 reps. Switch to your other leg and repeat for 15 reps. This exercise will not only help to increase stability of the lower body but also help anyone that sways and slides in their swing. Dim lights

Co-Owners of Premeir Fitness Systems Brandon Harris and Greg Mc Lean

If you're looking to get an amazing functional based workout look no further! The training staff at Premier Fitness Systems, a local North Scottsdale Fitness Training Studio, will motivate and educate you to get in the best shape of your life.
The TRX Suspension training system is a great tool to use at the park, at home, or even  the gym. The most beneficial aspect of the TRX suspension trainer is that it allows for both muscle specific and compound multi-joint movements without having to use any additional weights or equipment. So it is great for building and toning the arms and legs as well as building power and rotational strength for more athletic movements.
Another benefit of the TRX Suspension Trainer is that it allows you to get a killer full body workout in less time. If you keep your body moving you can complete a full-body workout in under 30 minutes that incorporates the core, legs, arms, chest, back and shoulders. For most people that have a career and a family, any spare time is golden. The TRX trainer can increase the efficiency of your workouts and give you that lean tone body you have always wanted.
If you are in North Scottsdale and sick of weightlifting the old-school way let the fitness trainers at Premier Fitness Systems educate you on how to use the TRX Suspension Trainer and motivate you to take your fitness to the next level. 

Here are co-founder of Premier Fitness Systems Greg Mc Lean's 5 favorite TRX Suspension Training exercises. They are all great functional movements that incorporate the core, legs and upper body. If you want a challenge start with 1 minute of work for each exercise with a 1 minute break between. Go through the circuit 3 times for a killer full-body TRX Suspension Training workout. Want to learn how to use the TRX from a certified elite fitness trainer call Premier Fitness Systems located in North Scottsdale at 480-245-7082 and schedule a free fitness evaluation and TRX education session.
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Exercise 1: TRX Walk-Up Hand Stands
Exercise 2: TRX Glute/Hamstring Bridge
Exercise 3: TRX Kick Throughs
Exercise 4: TRX Pop-Ups
Exercise 5: TRX Power Rotations

Golf Fitness at Premier Fitness Systems

The Number 1 Deficiency in Amateur Golfers:
In my opinion weak glutes are the number 1 deficiency in amateur golfers. Therefore the number 1 golf tip I can give is to strengthen the glutes. In this golf tip, lesson and fitness video we give you a great golf fitness exercise to strengthen the glutes. The glute bridge. Performing the glute bridge is a great way to strengthen the glutes and start to re-teach them to fire.

Why are The Glutes Weak:
Why are weak glutes the number 1 swing deficiency in amateur golfers? Simple, we sit all the time! We sit at our desks, we sit in the car, we sit at home, we sit all the time.  This pulls the body forward into a anterior (or forward) tilted pelvis. This anterior tilt inhibits the glutes or turns them off. When the glutes don't fire the low back tends to take the majority of the stress. This isn't a good scenario! The problem for most amateur golfers is they typically sit a lot.  Other adaptations form prolonged sitting are the hip flexors shorten. This again leads to lower back stress and even knee pain.

Bottom Line:
If you want to play better golf and play pain free you must start to strengthen your glutes. This will not happen over night! You have to be consistent to get better and the body is no different. One of my favorite sayings is win everyday! This to me means have a plan and execute it everyday and in the end you will be successful. Start with the exercise below and start to strengthen your glutes.
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Start lying flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. First draw your stomach in flexing your abbess getting rid of any gap between your back and the ground. maintain this posterior tilt for the duration of the exercise. Then push your heels into the ground and lift your pelvis up focussing on your glutes doing the work.  Start with a 20-30 second hold before you start to do reps. This golf tip, lesson is one of the best ways to strengthen your glutes and to teach your body to use them in your golf swing.


Greg at Premier Fitness Systems in Scottsdale Arizona.

As a business owner I understand that sometimes there just isn't enough time to get to the gym. The key thing here is that you don't always need a gym to get a great workout. Whether you are a business owner or a stay at home mom sometimes life just takes priority. What we at Premier Fitness Systems teach our clients is being a healthy, active person means being active everyday but that can come from all kinds of activities. So if you don't have time to get to the gym, do a jog around the block, walk the dog, go on a bike ride with your family or a 20 minute home workout with no weights like the one in the video here. A body weight home workout is a great way to add variety in your routine. This helps you from plateauing and over training.
This home workout that uses only body weight can be done in less than 20 minutes and incorporates strength, balance, flexibility, endurance and core development. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

The Workout:

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Start with 5 minutes of aerobic work. Ideally jump rope
Exercise 1: Divers for 1 minute
Exercise 2: Frog Jump Push-Ups for 1 minute
Exercise 3: Break Dancers for 1 minute
Exercise 4: Reach Back for 1 minute
1 minute Rest and Repeat Circuit

Morocco is know for its amazing spices and flavors and this recipe for Moroccan Chicken is no exception. This recipe is great because the macronutrient ratio is very balanced.


  • 12 oz. grilled chicken breast, cubed
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat couscous, dry
  • 1 cup chicken broth, from bouillon
  • Sun-dried tomatoes, about 20 pieces, chopped
  • 2 medium tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 can green peas, drained
  • 1/3 cup whole plain yogurt

Spices: 1 bay leaf (whole), 4 whole cardamom pods, dash of cinnamon, dash of turmeric, dash of chili powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon ground coriander

First chop the garlic and onion and then Fry in a nonstick pan. The pan will need to be big enough to hold all the ingredients. Cook the garlic and onions for a couple of minutes until they start to brown, then add the chopped tomatoes. Mix the ingredients until they start to liquify. Now add the the chicken broth and bring to a boil and add the spices. Slowly stir in the yogurt, one tablespoon at a time. Add the chicken, sun-dried tomatoes, and peas. Then stir in the dry couscous, cover, reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove from heat, fluff with a fork, cover it again and let it sit for a few minutes before serving.

Nutritional Information, Per Serving
Calories (k/cal)    640
Protein 69 (g)   
Carbohydrates 71 (g)
Fiber 12 (g)
sugars 20 (g)
Fat 9 (g)

Premier Fight Club is a boxing style boot camp and fitness class that will will burn fat, tone your entire body & knockout stress!
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The goal of the Premier Fitness Systems, Premier Fight Club is to Strengthen your entire body, release everyday stress, and improve your self confidence!
Fight to be fit with this fitness class that will teach you boxing technique while challenging and motivating you to achieve your goals. The Premier Fight Club incorporates jump rope training, medicine ball and core exercises with traditional boxing skills. You will harness the power of your body as you learn how to throw punches and combinations. Maximize your workout in minimum time!


  • Gain strength and power while burning calories.
  • Tone your entire body, and diminishing stress.
  • Maximize your time in the gym. The Premier Fitness Systems methodology incorporates all the variables you will need to get fit and stay fit without having to spend hours in the gym.
  • Increase your stamina and endurance. There is a reason professional boxers are some of the most fit athletes in the world. Boxing is a great cardiovascular workout.
Try for FREE*.  Use promotional code #PFSFCP. * For New Participants only.

For more information please call 480-245-7082.

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Maximize your time and start your day off right with this cardio, balance strength workout for your core and lower body. Moving quickly through the movements and adding the bosu ball make this circuit based workout a great way to burn calories and tone your body. Move through the circuit 3 times resting for 15-30 seconds between each exercise. Every exercise can be done with or without the bosu ball. The bosu ball adds the component of balance.

1. Jumping Jacks: 1min of jumping jack will get the heart rate up and begin to prepare the body for the rest on the workout.

2. Reverse lunges: Start in a standing position step back into a lunge setting your weight in the heel of your lead leg. Perform 15 reps and switch sides. Great for the glutes and quads.

3. Mountain Climbers: Start in a pushup position bring one knee into your chest focusing on the core. Switch legs and repeat for 30 reps.

4. Russian Twists: Start in a seated position. Bring your feet 6-8 inches off the ground maintain a slight bend in your knees. Rotate your upper body touching the ground on each side. Maintain a tight core. If your back starts to hurt take your feet to the ground.

5. Lateral Skaters: Stand with feet together, knees bent. Push off right foot and jump to left, bringing right foot slightly behind left. Land with a soft knee and absorb the landing.  Push off left foot to return to start for one rep. Go for 15 reps and Switch sides; repeat for another 15reps.

how to be a fitness model

Becoming a top level fitness model is not a easy task. Its takes dedication and commitment. You have to train hard and smart as well as maintain a healthy clean diet. A fitness models physique is their paycheck so if they expect to get paid and book jobs they have they have to maintain a fit, lean physique year round with no off season.
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General workout guidelines:
A fitness model has to be a machine and needs to lift like one. They need to carry a decent amount of muscle while maintaining a fit lean look. So for the most part the workout will not be just designed to create hypertrophy. There should be limited rest. I would suggest no more than 1min of rest between sets. The majority of the workouts for a fitness model should consist of super sets or circuit based training. Higher rep ranges are ideal with light to moderate amounts of weight. Form is key with focus on balance. The body needs to be balanced from front to back and side to side. Just because the weight is lighter don't think there shouldn't be progression. There should always be progression with Periodization of different training variables. Just like a body builder trying to build size a fitness model needs to make sure that they do not became static.
Training Split:
Monday: Chest/core/HIIT cardio
Tuesday: Back/core/steady state cardio
Wednesday: legs/plyos
Thursday: Shoulders/core/HIIT cardio
Friday: Biceps/Triceps/core/steady state cardio
Saturday: Full Body (focus on compound movements)
Sunday: Rest Day
Every workout should begin with a 10minute cardiovascular warm up to get the body ready and prepared for work. Followed by a dynamic warmup. This is a component that a lot of people neglect. A dynamic warm up helps you both mentally and physically get ready for your workout. It increases your heart rate and core temperature while increasing blood flow to working muscles. It also emphasizes range of motion and flexibility. A Long lean and flexible physique is key for becoming a fitness model. After a proper warm up is completed then the the specific body part starts with a workout design of super sets or circuit based training. This allows the fitness model to maximize his or her time in the gym while working on strength, flexibility, stamina and core all at the same time. A sample circuit could look like this.
Monday: Chest/core

Circuit A:

exercise a1 Dumbell Chest press 12-15 reps
exercise a2 side plank with rotation 15-20 reps per side
exercise a3 1min jumping rope
Rest max 1 min and repeat circuit 3 times.

Golf Fitness at Premier Fitness Systems

Our goal at Premier Fitness Systems is to help you achieve better performance in your golf game. Our proven golf performance system has helped both amateurs and professional golfers achieve better strength, flexibility and performance. Stay tuned for our monthly free golf lessons online where we will educate you on how to play better golf. Today we are going to address one of the major swing faults we see with most of our golfers, having tight pecs and anterior deltoids. This muscular imbalance greatly limits range of motion and restricts power. By increasing range of motion and flexibility in your chest and upper back you will see increases in distance and power in your drives! In the video below Neil Johnson a Canadian Pro member gives you a tip on how to practice keeping the proper posture when you are playing. Neil is not a golf teacher but has had golf lessons from some of the top coaches around and shares some of those lessons that have helped him with his performance. Then Greg McLean co-founder of Premier Fitness Systems teaches you an exercise that will stretch our chest and help create a more functional swing.
Most amateur golfers have a problem keeping good posture during their swing which affects their power and distance. The result is decreased performance and possible injury. These problems can not be fixed over night but with proper exercise and practice one can start to make improvements. Taking golf lessons from someone who understands the mechanics of the swing and training with a golf specific trainer is a great combination to play better golf. In this lesson we will focus on the chest and shoulders being rounded when hitting the ball. In the video below Neil Johnson gives you a hitting drill that can help you correct this problem and Greg teaches you the table top exercise which is great for opening up the chest and shoulders.

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Most golfers stretch minimally before they play with very little focus on the areas that matter the most. You wouldn't expect your golf game to get better with 5-10 minutes a day of practice! So don't assume that your flexibility will either. It takes consistency and practice to get stronger and more flexible. If you want to hit bigger drives, and increase your power, opening up your chest is key! Increased flexibility and strength will improve your posture and allow for a more fluid dynamic swing. Golf lessons that focus on some of these techniques are essential if you actually want to see a change in your swing. Performing stretches like the table top stretch daily coupled with a golf specific strength training program is the missing link in most players game.
Golf Specific Training at Premier Fitness Systems
The Premier Fitness Systems methodology behind our golf performance program is to take an educational approach to teaching players how to understand the different facets of fitness (strength, flexibility, posture, balance, alignment, and body position), and how they can take their game to the next level by improving within each segment. These results coupled with taking a preventative approach to injuries will allow a golfer to stay at the top of their game. The program addresses major imbalances in strength and posture and focuses on improving alignment and body position to allow for a more natural free flowing swing.  Our belief is that our 5 components make up any great workout.  They are the perfect blend to ensure every program addresses any issues or weaknesses. Each component complements the others to create ultimate synergy within the workout. Programs all start with a detailed evaluation and swing analysis that allows for the trainer to understand the client’s needs and create a personalized plan. We determine a starting point using our seven-point movement screen, and from there determine any imbalances or compensation patterns that should further be addressed in our program design.

Golf Stretching Exercises:
Here are some links to golf flexibility and strength exercises that will help you achieve greater power and reduce the risk of injury. These exercises will help you maintain a proper swing pattern and ultimately be a better golfer.  
Remember to always warm up before you perform exercise. Get the oxygen moving and the blood pumping. Ideal is to perform 5-10 minutes of aerobic exercise followed by a Dynamic Warmup.

Dynamic Warm up:

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Hip Flexibility:

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Core Development:

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Golf Posture Workout:

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Every time you play and practice golf you put your body under stress. You turn, twist, bend, squat and walk. These repetitive motions cause your muscles to become tight and increase your chance for stress injuries. This is why is is imperative to get proper golf lessons combined with a golf specific strength training program.  
It’s no wonder that 53 percent of amateur golfers have sustained some sort of injury while playing golf. Maintaining and improving flexibility may be one of the easiest ways to prevent repetitive stress injuries that can occur while you play golf or when you do other daily activities.

Premier Fitness Systems Bootcamp at kierland Commons

We wanted to thank Kierland Commons ‬ for having us for their fitness in the plaza event. This was so much fun and we will definitely look forward to doing this again. We loved teaching the outdoor boot camp at kierland. The setting couldn't be more perfect for our boot camp class. What is boot camp? The boot camp that we teach is a dynamic, motivational, high-energy class. It is a combination of aerobic intervals, core based exercises, and resistance training. The program is designed to constantly challenge each participant and create active progression. Emphasis is placed on exercising safely while having fun and completing the challenge. All fitness levels welcome. We like to say in our book-camps Its not just for looks, its for life! 
Boot camp offers the comradery of a group! You will get support, guidance, encouragement, accountability and a group of people ready to take on fitness for life. As a instructor it is amazing to see the changes not only in the participants bodies but also in their confidence! 
Our boot camp classes are 60 minutes and are customized to meet the needs of the participants. Premier boot camps will get you energized for your day and life!

 Our boot camps are all outdoors and utilize natural props with bands and occasional dumb bells and bars. 
Our boot camp is led by national fitness experts Brandon Harris and Greg McLean who have over 20 years of combined experience in the fitness industry and their team of of degreed, certified personal trainers. The class combines traditional strength training, aerobic intensity conditioning, and sport specific drills, to create a fitness experience that is loads of fun! Our boot Camp is a great way to increase strength, boost aerobic capacity, improve flexibility, lose weight, and break through plateaus! We look forward to working with and helping you to reach your goals.

Register for our boot camp at PREMIER BOOT CAMP

Premier Fitness Systems Bootcamp at kierland Commons

Premier Fitness Systems Bootcamp at kierland Commons

What to expect from Premier Fitness Systems boot camp.

We commit to bring our best energy to every boot camp workout and we expect it back in return.

PASSION: We are passionate about fitness and health and we want you to be passionate about your own health.

: We want you to demand results and we are willing to do everything in our power to help you get there.

: It takes discipline to be successful and in boot camp discipline is key to success.

: We're looking for 100% effort in everything you do! The key is to push harder than you typically would by yourself. Get a little bit better every day.

Boot-camp is all about teamwork. You are there going through all the hard work together as a team and that's what makes it fun.

HAVE FUN: Our boot camps are fun! Some instructors yell and scream and make you do exercises that are just hard and are not functional for your success. We are not this way! Boot camp will be hard and challenging but it will be fun.

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weight training workouts for golf
In the past the professional golfers could get away with not incorporating a solid weight training program in their routine, but not now. The modern golfer needs to be strong, flexible, have great mobility and have stamina if they want to win and be consistent.
Golf specific weight training is an essential part of a fitness program for a golfer who wants to perform at their full potential. Weight training increases muscular strength, endurance while enhancing swing speed, force and decreasing potential for injury.
The first step for creating a golf weight training program is a detailed movement screen. In this screen the training will look for muscle imbalances and movement faults that will negatively impact ones swing.
Common Movement Faults to be addressed:
The glutes:
The glutes are a key component of a golf swing and most individuals have weak or inhibited glutes. By strengthening the glutes and legs a person will build a stable base to support the anchoring system of the golf swing and prevent compensation by the back. There will be emphasis on coordinating and linking of the lower and upper body.
The Back:
The back muscles are key in controlling rotation in the golf swing. Again most people have weak back muscles and imbalances in their posterior chain. In a weight training program geared for golfers there should be a posterior chain focus. Strong rhomboids and lower traps will help control rotation in the golf swing and prevent a C posture that will create inefficient movement patterns. 
The Core:
A strong core is crucial for a solid golf swing. They stabilize the spine and provide the foundation for any athletic movement. Without a strong core the back absorbs rotational stress and injury follows.
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In a weight training program tailored for golfers there must be controlled progression. If a individual progresses before they are ready there could be injury. So quality movements are key. As the body adapts the exercises became harder with increases in tempo and weight. But never before the body is ready. Remember to always listen to your body! Typically it gives the most accurate feedback.

exercise for the back

Why are having strong athletic lats so important? The back muscles are one of the most important muscle groups for stabilization for upper body exercises. Without a strong upper posterior chain there is a huge missing link within the body. Your traditional rows and lat pullups are a good start, but it's also very important that we challenge these muscles in all three planes of motion. Thus teaching the lats to stabilize in any situation. Most people train their lats using only machines or dumbbells in the sagittal plane and neglect any type of lateral or twisting movements. In the video below learn some great exercises for the back that you need to add to your routine.
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Training these muscles can be difficult because most people tend to have shortened lats back lack of full range of motion and inactivity. As a result of inactivity it is important to implement a good stretching routine before they even think about really strengthening the area. It's also very important to incorporate dynamic flexibility into your workouts to help lengthen these muscles prior to a good workout and allow for better results when you're trying to strengthen the muscles. Once you have prepared the muscles for exercise it's essential that one uses balancing motion to focuses on extension to ensure that your lats get full range of motion. So try these exercises to challenge yourself. They are great to throw in as a super set with the more traditional exercises that you typically use.

Golf Perfomace at Premier Fitness Systems in Scottsdale AZ

This one stretch can dramatically benefit you golf game.

If your hips are tight, especially the hip flexors, your body will be forced into a chronically hunched forward position. This forward position will dramatically affect your ability to achieve a full back-swing and therefore limit your trunk rotation and power . This limited rotation can and will cause back pain by your body compensating with a reverse spine to get to the ball. This is not good but I didn't have to tell you that. I could sit here and tell you all of the exercises you can do to start to correct this but I'm not. Instead I'm going to show you one simple exercise that if done daily can dramatically make a positive impact on your swing and potentially prevent injuries down the line. This is a very simple exercise that you can do daily and will take less than 10 minutes to perform. This doesn't mean that this is the only thing you should be doing but at least it is a start.
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Why this exercise is important.

Most of us sit for a considerable part of our day. This sitting can and will create imbalances within your body that will negatively affect your golf game. Stop and think about how much you probably sit, you sit in the car, at home, at work and even in the golf cart. All of this sitting is affecting your golf performance. When you sit you are the placing the muscles in the front part of your hip and the back of your leg in a shortened position. Over time this will affect the muscles that oppose these muscles and cause them to go dormant and became weak. Affected are your glutes, opposite the hip flexors, and the quads muscles in the front of your thigh, opposing the hamstrings. The hip flexors and hamstrings play a major role in your golf posture and the ability to keep the hips mobile. Tight hip flexors are a major cause of s posture, which is a major swing fault along with sway back. To correct these swing faults you must work on your golf flexibility and strength.

Our golf performance program first identifies any imbalances and then we formulate a game plan to correct them.  We conduct a major movement screen along with a goal and lifestyle assessment. This allows us to identify any roadblocks and strategies the best way to achieve success. To schedule a complimentary golf movement analysis call 480-245-7082 or click here PLAY BETTER GOLF

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This is a awesome great tasting high protein meal that is really easy to make. No my dog cant make it but I can holding my dog. That's how easy it is to make.
Lets call it a natural butterfinger because it really does taste like a butterfinger candy bar.
It is great for a pre-workout or even a post workout meal. The Sweet Potatoes give it a great high energy low gylcemic load carbohydrate.  The peanut butter or almond butter gives it a good source of fat and makes it taste good. The protein powder adds some quality protein and the coconut milk ties it all together. Very easy to make and tastes great.
1 Cup Coconut Milk (unsweetened)
1 Tbsp Chia Seeds
1 Scoop Protein Powder
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
5 oz w/ or without skin Sweet Potato
Total Calories 420
Total Fat 17g
Total Carbs 32g
Total Protein 33
Bake or heat sweet potato until soft add to bowl. Add the protein powder, chia seeds, peanut butter, and coconut mil mix up and enjoy.

Nobody is perfect! Some things we can't change but a lot of things we can with a little work. One issue that most people should be working on in the gym are muscle imbalances. Inactive muscles and muscle imbalances can and will cause major health problems. Bad hips, backs, shoulders just to name a few often stem from imbalances in the body that can be fixed with proper strength training. One of the most common imbalances we see in the gym are tight and weak glutes. The major cause for tight and weak glutes are all the sitting most people do all day long at work, and even if they’re not sitting they don’t get a whole lot of movement in during the day. What tends to happen as a result are the hips, glutes, and hamstrings tend to get locked up and that makes it really hard to get those muscles firing. The end result is altering the way we move when we exercise because the proper muscles don’t fire like they’re supposed to.

This is where proper exercise and stretching comes in to play. By properly warming up and performing dynamic stretching we can get the glutes to a place where they can fire properly when exercising. Then it becomes important to mix up the exercises you’re doing to really challenge the muscles that make up the glutes. This is important because the glutes are necessary for shock absorption while exercising, to protect the back and to ensure the knees track right. Things are only going to get worse if you ignore the problem, and some type of injury or issue is inevitable.

If you want a butt lift make sure you include single leg balance and rotational movement in your workouts. With a lot of clients we see their glutes are so inactive they don't fire when doing classic leg exercises like squats and leg presses. The quads are dominant and the glutes inactive. We need to teach the butt to fire by adding single leg mobility and stabilization exercises along with rotational movements for the lower body.

In this viddo Greg teaches some great exercieses to target the glutes on your lower body training days. To often people don't do any balance and stabilization exercises when in the gym. The key to lifting the butt is to add glute minor exercises in your routine. This will lift the butt, giving it a strong athletic shape. Try these exercises and let us know what you think! These exercises are great and work!

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workouts with no weights

Here is a great workout for when you just don't have the time to get to the gym but need to get your blood flowing. One of keys to any great workout is to elevate heart rate. Remember your heart is a muscle and a very important one! So you need to condition it just like any other part of your body. In this workout we will use jumping jacks as a aerobic component and add body weight exercises for the strength components. This is great workout when you are in a hurry and don't have access to weights. No weights needed for this! It can also be used for when you need a pick me up! I like to use this workout when I need to get my blood pumping and don't have time to get to gym. I have even used this workout first thing in the morning to wake up.

How it works: You will perform 5 exercises in a row starting with 10 reps. Every set the number of reps goes down by 1 until you get to zero. I call this a descending set. The total number of reps for each exercise will be 55. So this is a muscle endurance challenge! Time yourself and record your time. The next time you do the workout try to beat your previous time.

The exercises:
1 Jumping Jacks
2 Pushups/modified pushups
3 Sit-ups
4 Squats
5 Supermans
Let us know how you do! You will definitely get your blood pumping with this one.

The Workout:
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Premier Fitness Systems Golf Performance.

Hip mobility is key when developing power in any athletic movement and Golf is no exception. In golf, hip mobility is one of the most important factors to create power and is the key to drive distance. Most people lack both internal and external hip mobility which negatively affects their swing. In fact, increasing hip mobility has been shown to decrease back pain in most golfers and improve overall performance during the golf swing. If a golfer can't rotate the hips during both the back-swing and down-swing there will be compensation in the spine and therefore negative stress that can lead to massive injury. In this video we show you a basic golf fitness exercise called the hip windshield wiper. This exercise helps strengthen the hips ability to internally rotate and will decrease compensation from the lumbar spine. This is a very basic golf fitness exercise that can help a golfer increase his mobility and transfer of power.

The Hip Windshield Wipers exercise will help increase internal rotation of both hips. Start by lying on your back with your knees and hips at a 90 degree angle. You can either use a ball or your hands. Place your fists or ball between your knees and maintain pressure while you move your feet as far apart as you can. The goal should be 45-60 degrees range of motion. If you cant get this much range of motion then hip internal rotation is a limitation. A focus of your training should be this exercise which will help increase hip mobility and create more power in your swing. Do 15-20 reps for 3 sets.

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Two of the biggest contributors to swing faults are "C" and "S" posture.  A lot of times these postural deviations are caused by prolonged sitting at a desk and even in a car. All this sitting creates extremely tight hips and hamstrings, weak or inhibited glutes and abs along with rounded shoulders. Having these imbalances forces the body to compensate somehow to get the club face to square up which now causes unnecessary torque on the body. This usually results in a shortened back-swing with the inability to generate maximum power due to shortened rotation and problems with loading the glutes. More often than not, this lack of ability leads to some type of knee or low back injury. Most times this is caused by overuse of the wrong muscles or the residual effects of unnecessary impact caused by improper bio mechanics. This tends to happen a lot in older golfers and can lead to chronic or career ending injuries which nobody wants. Watch the video to learn some of the best exercises for your golf game and learn exercises that will help correct the most common swing faults, C and S posture.

Premier Fitness Systems approach to golf performance is a lot different than most studios or gyms. Our first goal when a golfer comes in is to go right at these postural issues and address them through dynamic stretching of the tight muscles and through the use of traditional strength training to turn on weak muscles.  Once this is done, we reprogram the body just like a computer to swing properly and leave old swing patterns caused by poor posture behind.  Then through the use of different balance exercises and core strengthening techniques players can start to teach the upper and lower body to work together.  It's like having Kobe and Shaq on the same team.  Two great players, but if they can't play together, you're never going to win a championship.  By teaching the two to work as one, we can produce a more fluid natural swing that generates better club head speed with improved driving distance.  But most of all, we keep players in the game pain free, not on the sidelines.

"C” Posture - Pronated shoulders caused by too much anterior work in the gym or too much
sitting and typing all day. 
Golf Related: Shortened back swing due to lack of rotation. Can’t load the spring as well. 
Fix: Open up shoulders and stretch out chest and then strengthen upper back, rhomboids, and rear deltoids.

“S” Posture – Tight hip flexors. 
Golf Related: Limits transfer of power due to glutes being turned off as well as lower abdominal muscles. Also, leads to low back injuries. 
Fix: Open up hips through stretching allowing for the glutes to turn on. Then reprogram muscles so their is a better transfer of power from upper body to lower body.

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Asian BBQ Salmon

2 large zucchini
2 salmon fillets
Salt and pepper to taste
1 crushed clove of garlic
2 Tbs olive oil
BBQ Sauce:
1/4 cup olive oil
1 tsp of organic blackberry jam
1/4 chopped yellow onion
1 Tbs of siratcha
1 Tbs of agave nectar
1/2 of an orange squeezed
2 Tbs of spicy mustard
1/2 tsp of ground ginger or fresh

Pre-heat oven to 350
For the sauce add all ingredients in to a small bowl and whisk together. In a sauce pan bring sauce to a simmer then turn off heat and set aside.
In a large frying pan heat olive oil. Sear salmon in frying pan for 4 min on each side then turn off heat. Pour half of the
sauce on salmon the place in oven for 10min
Slice zucchini length wise into thin ribbon or smaller.(When slicing make sure u slice around the seed) place noodles on a oiled cookie sheet and cook in oven for 5-10 minutes
Carefully place zucchini pasta on plates the place salmon on top. Lastly, drizzle the last of the sauce over salmon and pasta.

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