Flexibility/Pain Reduction

Premier Fitness Systems approach to pain management is a preventive, comprehensive approach using exercise and flexibility to help the body feel better. 

Back in the day if someone felt pain they went to the doctor.  Usually the doctor would tell the patient to put some ice on it and to stop exercising for a few weeks and the pain should subside.  Now we live in a world where science and the education of some of your top personal trainers has gone to the next level.  For those of us who love to exercise and don’t have time to get to the doctor let alone want to take a few weeks off, there is a solution.

Learning how to exercise properly, and putting the body in a natural state of harmony is one of the best ways.  Now when I say that I’m not talking about how to do a curl or a squat, it goes much deeper than that.  For most of us who sit at a desk all day long or who carry some extra weight in the wrong places, those small concerns can be the cause of many of our aches and pains.  Our bodies are meant to move all day long, not stay locked up behind some monitor in a modern day cave, the cube.   As far as being overweight, if you think your lower back or knees like going up stairs or walking around all day carrying an extra thirty pounds you are mistaken. 

At Premier Fitness Systems, we take a preventative approach toward your health and wellness.  Dynamic Flow, our proven training systems restores harmony to the body by restoring balance.  We focus on imbalances in the body to restore strength so that from left to right and front to back we ensure the body’s muscles work within a specific range of strength ratios so that all the joints and muscles are working properly.  I like to use the shoulder to explain this concept.  Most people’s shoulders are rounded forward from sitting at a desk all day long or doing too many exercises with the front of their body causing the shoulders to tighten even further.  This throws all the tendons in the shoulder out of natural alignment causing people to get tendonitis of the rotator cuff from things rubbing against objects they shouldn’t be.  All of this could have been eliminated by ensuring that their fitness program focused on stretching the chest muscles to allow the shoulders to sit back where they belong and then strengthening the upper back and rear deltoids to ensure posturally the shoulders stay where they belong. 

We focus our personal training programs around each client’s imbalances or previous and existing injuries that are the cause for concern.  From there we go right at the problem using different techniques to unlock the body using yoga movements, foam rolling, core development, and dynamic flexibility exercises combined with traditional strength training to give a client what they need.  Most of the time we’re able to get rid of a client’s chief complaint or any pain that exists by resetting things in the body to where they belong.  From there we teach clients how to keep things balanced so the body doesn’t revert to the same place.  Nine out of ten times we’re able to coach clients through their injuries without having to take time off.  We have been most successful by educating clients during our sessions to prevent problems that are occurring by using our methodology and understanding how to keep the body balanced.  From there, most clients are able to stay pain free and keep a proactive approach toward having a balanced body.

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