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Premier Fitness Systems has put together a revolutionary golf-performance program that brings together top golf instruction, fitness, flexibility, and some of the best in TPI training.  Most programs focus on basic flexibility and a few golf specific exercises.  Premier’s Golf Performance Program takes it to the next level by taking an educational approach to teaching players how to understand the different facets of fitness (strength, flexibility, posture, balance, alignment, and body position), and how they can take their game to the next level by improving within each segment.  These results coupled with taking a preventative approach to injuries has allowed their clients to stay at the top of their game.

Brandon Harris and Greg McLean, owners of Premier Fitness Systems, are co-creators of this cutting edge fitness based golf performance program.  With over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, they’ve been able to pinpoint the causes for most major swing faults in the game through their custom designed swing analysis.  The program addresses major imbalances in strength and posture and focuses on improving alignment and body position to allow for a more natural free flowing swing.  Having worked closely with some of Arizona’s top professional amateur players, they’ve been able to develop a system that can help players of all ages at any level of play.

What is the philosophy behind Premier’s Golf Performance Program?

Our belief is that our 5 components make up any great workout.  They are the perfect blend to ensure every program addresses any issues or weaknesses. Each component complements the others to create ultimate synergy within the workout. Programs all start with a detailed evaluation and swing analysis that allows for the trainer to understand the client’s needs and create a personalized plan. We determine a starting point using our seven-point movement screen, and from there determine any imbalances or compensation patterns that should further be addressed in our program design.

5 Components of a Perfect Golf Fitness Program:

1. 3-Dimensional Movement (Balance Training)
2. Dynamic Flexibility 
3. Core Development 
4. Aerobic Intensity 
5. Traditional Strength

What are the major benefits of a golfer maintaining a proper fitness program?

Adding a golf fitness program is one of the best ways for a player to improve their game.  One of Premier’s key focuses is on posture.  Most players don’t realize that their posture is to blame for their inability to be consistent on the course from a shortened back-swing to most swing faults.  The body is a spring, and if players can only load the spring to 80% of its potential, they’re cheating themselves of distance and club head speed.  By incorporating a lot of dynamic flexibility into our programs as well as strengthening weak muscles groups, we’re able to balance our clients bodies out allowing for a less swing faults and increases in rotational power and tempo control.  Most golfers don’t realize when they’re tight they have to compensate by changing their swing pattern to allow for the club face to square up to the ball.  Two things happen when players do this.  Body position changes, which decreases the bodies ability to maximally load the spring.  Worse than that is that the player then puts unnecessary torque somewhere else in their body which over time is the cause for most golf injuries.  That’s why our programs focus a lot on unlocking the body and then turning on players muscles that haven’t been used in a while to get the body to start creating proper swing patterns again.  By doing this we’re able to improve driving distance, increased back-swing, better turn on the ball, proper swing path, and most of all eliminate overuse injuries from occurring. 

What would a typical golf specific training session look like?

Most sessions start with the client coming in about ten to fifteen minutes before the session to get them ready to go right when the session begins.  The fifteen minute warm up allows the client to get their body temperature up and then work on a few specific stretches given to them by their trainer followed by a some foam rolling to really prepare the body for the workout that lies ahead.  From there a session typically starts with some dynamic flexibility exercises taking the muscles to an even deeper stretch getting the body ready for intense exercise and making sure that the body is aligned and setting up proper posture for the rest of the workout.  Our main focus is always to exercise in proper alignment, and without a proper warm up and getting the body moving right that is almost impossible.  Once warmed up the real workout begins and clients are then put through continuous circuits guaranteed to challenge balance, core strength, all the while constantly focusing on improving flexibility.  We also believe through the use of exercise, we can turn on muscles that have been inactive and reprogram the body to work more efficiently allowing for better energy transfer and decrease the risk for injury.

What separates Premier’s program from everyone else in the valley?

Most studios or gyms around the valley focus on mostly traditional strength training with a few golf specific exercises and some generic stretches that don’t set the client up for success.  At Premier, we have an all encompassing program that really targets each of our five components to really make some much needed changes to the body allowing for the body to start to move in more efficient patterns.  If you have tight shoulders, hips, low back muscles, or anything that doesn’t’ move right you have to address that problem before pushing through an exercise program, otherwise you’re just asking to get hurt.  We fix and balance the body first, and then focus on strength and power once those issues are addressed.  We’re the doctors of fitness, and most clients don’t see their underlying issues.  Once we’re able to show clients and then teach them why our methodology works so well, our clients are able to understand what they need and put the proper focus into what’s going to get them moving better.

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