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Do you want a leaner, fitter, more functional body? Do you want to achieve a more balanced life? If so, there is no reason why you this can’t accomplish this goal. Nevertheless, you will need a fitness program that includes educational information about how and what to eat, as well as a training regimen that continues to challenge the human physiology every time you train. However you break it down, in order to achieve great health and fitness, you must eat right and train correctly each and every day! You cannot separate the two and expect to achieve lasting results.

Premier Fitness Systems training programs will actualize your success. At PFS there is complete integration between proper nutrition and premier training programs. You will build a stronger, fitter, healthier body through accurately focused training, but also you will receive the nutritional guidance that must accompany the training to help you reach your desired goal. Our programs are designed to modify bad eating habits and build healthy ones. We do this by educating you on what are the best foods for your body’s maximum nutrition, how to analyze the proper protein/carb/fat intake daily, and finally teach you to be accountable for reaching your personal goals.

There are no short cuts…. no magic pills…. when building a healthy balanced body.  On the other hand, with a little focus and hard work you will be on your way to having the body of your dreams.


Premier Fitness Systems pledges to deliver energy from every workout… to be passionate about helping you achieve your goals…. and together, we will get results!

Balanced Nutrition Keys:

  1. Try to choose the least processed forms of foods:  fruits, veggies, and whole grains.
  2. Eat breakfast every day.  No excuses!
  3. Eat smaller portions more often, spread evenly across the day.  Remember food is energy, and our bodies need energy all day long.  You should be eating five to eight meals a day.
  4. Stay hydrated (.6x body weight = ounces of water per day) by drinking non-caloric beverages (water/green tea).
  5. Include a lean protein source with each meal.
  6. Choose foods, especially carbs, rich in fiber (25 to 35 grams a day).
  7. Add a multivitamin, antioxidant, and omega-3/omega-6 supplement to your daily routine.
  8. Eats fruits and vegetables with each meal.
  9. Drink a mixture of carbohydrate and protein before and after your workout.
  10. Get plenty of rest.  Never underestimate the power of sleep!



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