The Premier Fitness Systems Team


Greg McLean, Co-Founder/ Personal Trainer

Greg started back in ’96 where his goal was to be an electrical engineer. Halfway through college, he realized he was gonna go crazy sitting behind a monitor for the rest of my life. So, he decided to change his major. At that time, he wasn’t sure what his major should be. Nevertheless, he started lifting weights during his first week of college and loved how doing this transformed his body and enhanced his self confidence. He loved working out every day; better yet, he loved the way he felt! Before he knew it, his major was switched to Exercise Science. As graduation day approached, he realized he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life. So, he began to train part-time while he went back to school for Fire Science. Two years later, he completed his coursework and decided that even though he loved fire fighting, his heart desired Personal Training more. At that moment, his decision was made….Personal Training! Having his own business one day was always one of his goals, and Personal Training is that….a business within a business. This profession has allowed him to continually grow and learn all there is to know in the health, wellness, and exercise fitness world. he knew he had found a profession that enabled him to put his whole heart and soul into.

The thing he loves about Personal Training is that it is an ever changing field. He has the ability to take different concepts from yoga, sports’ specific training, physical therapy, traditional weight lifting, boxing, and many other related fields and combine them into a hybrid style of training that encompasses all of the above. The end result is that his clients are provided with a balanced fitness program, and a body that can handle any challenge thrown at it. He believes that one must build a strong body from the core outward. Once you ensure that every joint is strong and flexible, then you have a strong level of balance in strength throughout the body.

His clients are family to him. Every day, he is fortunate to come to a job that he loves doing. In addition, he gets to work with people he truly enjoy. As a result, he's capable of delivering high energy workouts all day long with his clients. This is a win-win situation; they leave with smiles on their faces and have a good workout. He makes a promise that he puts his heart into each and every workout he does and makes sure that he gives his clients everything he's got. He expects the same in return. The combined efforts result in wonderful friendships and great results. He can’t imagine doing anything else in life! He's thankful every day for the clients he has!

Brandon Harris, CO-Founder/ Personal Trainer

For Brandon, fitness has been his passion for as long as he can remember. In high school he was a three-sport athlete and received a scholar athlete award in football. Later, he attended Arizona State University on an academic scholarship and received his degree in Kinesiology in 2004. When he was a junior in college, he started Personal Training and has since turned this into his career. Brandon is a natural teacher who is passionate about health, fitness, wellness, and life. Each and every day he feels blessed to be able to do what he loves most…help people achieve a healthier life! Working with his best friend and having clients who he considers to be his family is one of the best jobs he could ever wish for. What he loves most about being a personal trainer is helping his clients achieve what they thought was the “impossible”!

Brandon’s philosophy is that exercise and fitness should be viewed as preventive medicine. If one takes care of his/her body today, he/she will stay healthy for the remainder of his/her life. His main focus is on functional training that incorporates normal daily movements which strengthen core muscle groups and help deliver a functionally fit body. This body will then be efficient with all activities, from athletics to everyday movements.


Ryne Jakubos, Personal Trainer

Ryne has always loved being active and fit. He grew up in a small town of 3,000 people in Southern Oregon. In this small town there wasn’t much to do other than play sports and entertain oneself with any outdoor activity to keep from being bored. In high school, he played football, basketball, and most importantly was captain of the soccer team for all 4 years. Soccer has been a passion for him since he was a little kid. He started playing when he was 4 years old and was on the U19 Premier League when he was 13 years old. He earned first team All-State honors in high school and finally took his skills to Northern California to play in college. Unfortunately, during his Freshman year of college, he partially tore his Achilles tendon. This ended his career in soccer at the collegiate level.

After the injury, he decided to try and find what his passion in life was and here he could find a place that felt like home. He lived in Hollywood, California for 4 years, and then traveled to Northern Oregon, back to Southern California, then across the US to Nashville, TN to his current stop of Scottsdale, AZ. During his time in Hollywood, CA he entered into the field of modeling with FORD models. Having to keep a certain physique, he quickly learned more and more about fitness and nutrition, and eventually he was hooked. It soon became his goal and passion to take what he had learned and help others live a healthy, active life.

For Ryne the best part about training is seeing the changes it makes in people lives. It’s not about being just another trainer; it’s about him dedicating himself to motivate and educate to help build a stronger more efficient body for his clients. Everyone can benefit from fitness, from professional athletes, to someone who is retired and ready to take on new experiences. Ryne puts everything he has into helping clients achieve their goals and making it fun along the way.


Kelly Montana (Coach Kelly Mo), Personal Trainer

Premier Fitness Systems Golf Fitness Specialist Kelly Montana

Kelly has always loved being active but it didn’t hit her until she was twelve when her cowboy Father taught her how to play football. When she quarterbacked for her Powder Puff High School team, she was hooked on how good sports and being physically active made her feel.  From there she was intrigued by the body and how it worked, so she majored in Microbiology and Chemistry. Her roommate in college at U.C. Davis was a competitive swimmer so she would go with her to the pool plus she loved riding her bike on campus so that let to competing in Triathlons. After a few races she really had the bug so she branched out and learned scuba diving, aerobics instruction, and started a golf school. As she traveled for her professional career in medical sales, she always went to gyms and kept up on ways to improve health and nutrition. After many years in the corporate world she started to see imbalances in her body, so she took her passion a step further and dedicated her life to learning as much as she can to help others enjoy the benefits of sports, health and wellness.
Fitness Goals:  To maximize the capabilities of her body while maintaining balance, peach of mind, and the enjoyment of every moment.

Weekly Exercise Regiment:  She blocks out at least an hour a day, most days of the week, incorporating, yoga, golf, strength training, and heart rate elevating activities-depending on the season and what the body needs to keep it fun.

Health/Fitness Tip:  Make it a habit of setting or resetting health as a priority. It is so easy for life to get in the way. Just take one step forward and get back on track using whatever help you need to find your healthy path. Live life to the fullest!

Coach Kelly Mo has decades of experience in helping clients feel good through sports and fitness.

Experience and awards include:
Athlete of the Year
Triathlon Trophies
Nor Cal Finalist Women’s Golf Team
Group Instruction, Spin, Body Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga
Owner-new2golf school

Certifications and Education Include:

Certified Personal Trainer-National Academy of Sports Medicine
Wellness Coach-Spencer Institute
200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher-YogaFit
Level 1 Cross Fit Trainer
Level 1  Golf Fitness Instructor-Titlelist Performance Institute
B.S. MIcrobiology, Chemistry, Medical Technology-Cal Poly Pomona

After working with hundreds of clients of all shapes and sizes, Kelly has learned that no two are alike and, therefore, careful thought needs to go into designing a health plan that will work. She would love the opportunity to do what she can to help you with you health and fitness goals.



Alex Arteaga, Personal Trainer

Alex found his passion for fitness shortly after graduating high school. He new he wanted to motivate people to be healthy and fit so he pursued starting his career as a personal trainer. The ability to help individual’s live long and prosperous lives is one of the many reasons Alex fell in love with becoming a Professional Personal Trainer.  Alex graduated from Arizona State University with his Bachelors in Nutrition and Communication and has received his National Academy of Sport Medicine certification. Besides working out every day, Alex also enjoys: Mix Martial Arts, basketball, bike riding, and creating unique and flavorful recipes. If you have any fitness or nutritional questions, Alex will be more than happy to answer them.


Robert Major, Personal Trainer

Major personal trainer at Premier Fitness Systems

Major has a strong belief (not so much in religion) but spirituality. Prior to enhancing his knowledge & gaining the tutelage at the National Academy of Sports Medicine, all he knew was how to stay active. He received honors in baseball & football all throughout his adolescent days back in his hometown San Diego, California. He finished his high school career ranking among the top five quarterbacks in the city. He was recruited by multiple division one schools in (what was) the PAC-10 (at the time). Being the only child, he decided to stay in his environment & bypass college. Like most teens graduating high school & facing "the real world," he wasn't sure what he wanted to do or what he wanted to be in life. Being only 5'6, sub 130 lbs, he always eluded stepping foot into a weight room. He managed to get by off raw talent, never putting in the time or work capacity to heighten his authentic abilities.
In 2010, he faced the place he had always dreaded entering, wandering into a gym for the first time. He was taken by the energy that loomed in the atmosphere. Like most people walking into a gym for the first time, he kept to himself, picking up moderate weights & mimicking what the bodybuilders did while also taking advice from trainers on the staff. Months later, thirty pounds of lean muscle was added to his frame. His physique was appealing to gym members, at that point networking became an everyday thing. Muscle mass may have fulfilled his ego a little to much tho! Taking the advice of a female friend, he switched up the routine by attending a Pilates class & boy did that one course get the best of him. He was in awe that he couldn't keep up. The activities made him look foolish, he thought to himself "wow, all this weight I can lift but I can't even do the simplistic movements that a slim woman can do." As time went on, he began doing the little things. He loved the way it felt having an equilibrium. Being thee ideal people's person with a nice functional frame & skill set to do unique forms of training, he was inspired by all to become a personal trainer.
For the first time in his life, he was passionate about something that was bigger then himself. Apprehension & comprehension of the scientific rationale of human movement would be the perfect study to reach out & help him give people a feel that he acquired. While finishing up his classes at NASM & practicing his regimens in the gym, he was approached by Brandon Harris, owner of Premier Fitness Systems. Major believes everything that has happened prior to his interaction with Brandon, was fate awaiting to unravel. Major is now known by his peers as the charismatic friend who just happens to be an unique hybrid trainer.
He vows to focus on all the strengths to be gained by the kinetic chain: flexibility, balance, cardio respiratory efficiency, core stabilization, strength, power, speed, agility & quickness. He's adamant about making sure his routines are integrated, that every person needs his or her own style of training to progress thru in order to maintain a life of physical luxury. "If you cant afford to drive the BMW, there's no reason to not strive to at least operate like a BMW."


Gina Cellucci, Personal Trainer

Best Golf Fitness Trainer in Scottsdale

Starting at a young age Gina’s natural athletic talents and competitive attitude set her up for greatness in every sport and athletic activity she participated in.  Whether it was basketball, volleyball, track and field, soccer, cross country, or water sports, Gina always strived to be the best no matter what.  Gina grew up in Northern Illinois in Long Lake where water sports and living a very active lifestyle was a way of life.  Gina holds family and religion close to her heart.  Learning that staying active and healthy made her happy she continued to learn new sports and encourage others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.  Gina moved to Arizona in September 2013 to start her dream job as a personal trainer and performance coach and to continue her education at Arizona State University.   Throughout high school she was one of four graduating seniors who were honored with the “Coach Fred Loffredo Athlete Award,” in recognition to being a four year three sport student athlete.  She was awarded multiple honors, MVP’s, leadership awards, and All Conference/All Area titles throughout every sports.  Sports are Gina’s burning passion and could not live without them in her life.  Gina graduated from Grant Community High School with honors, in Fox Lake, IL, in May 2009.

  • Education Southern Illinois University, Bachelors of Applied Sciences and Arts in Healthcare Management, Minor in Sociology (May 2013), Arizona State University, Masters of Sciences in Nutrition (Projected 2016)
  • Certifications TPI, Titleist Performance Institute Level 1, TPI, Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 Fitness Professional, American Red Cross CPR AED Certified, NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT Certified Personal Trainer

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  • Tel: (480) 245-7082

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