As a teenager, I remembered hearing someone say, “I am the master of my fate, the captain of my soul.” I liked it so much that I subscribed to it.

Since my genes make me prone to Diabetes and Cancer, I decided to become proactive about my future. I learned that each disease is manageable with good nutrition and fitness. With my newly adopted lifestyle, my bones became stronger and my physique became athletic. In 2000, I survived a horrendous car accident against all likelihood. I later learned that EMT responded to the other car on site for the lone survivor. They believed the deceased was in my car!! My orthopedic surgeon cared for the Philadelphia Eagles Football team. He was amazed at my bone density, declaring that I was the luckiest person on earth. Drs came in to my ICU to touch me for luck.


I began a lengthy recovery process. After ten years of managing my chronic pain issues, I was feeling the need to resume my fitness. I started working out to a video I used religiously before physical trauma. I built up my endurance by increasing my exercise time to complete the hour-long workout. It was difficult and discouraging. I strained myself and set myself back because I was neither patient nor realistic with my intentions. Reluctantly, I submitted that my prior level of fitness was not attainable again for me. Then, I tried walking. I progressed to walking four miles a day. But eventually that became wrote. The opposition I was experiencing was making me feel anxious! With my pain level, my age-46, and with an extra 30-40 lbs on my damaged back, I knew I was in for quite a challenge-one I was not willing to entertain failing.

I began training with Brandon Harris in May 2009. He quickly became related to my condition and my goals. I committed to training at his guidance. We began working together to channel my stress into determination. Brandon helped me manage my fear of failure, and improve my mental state through exertion. To begin, I worked out with pain patches on my back. After a month, I was able to work out without the pain management measures or the long recovery naps. In three months I was able to meet and exceed my anticipation by ridding myself of 30 lbs and 17 inches! Brandon’s investment in me was global. He saw to it that I synthesized my spiritual and fitness challenges through exercise. AMAZING! He has been an inspiration and an inarguable key to my success. I am 46 years old. I feel amazing! And my pain prone future is not so doomful anymore. With my health challenges at bay, I can focus on my tomorrows without dread.

Most important, I definitely could not have achieved this level of fitness without the expertise, investment and knowledge of Brandon Harris!

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